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  United Association Scholarship Application

The UA Scholarship Trust Fund is accepting applications for the 2018/2019 academic year. Please see the attached instructions and application form for further information.

  Help Us Win Universal Pharmacare

Be a part of it. Add your voice now.

  Darlington OPG Clearance Package

For those of you interested in obtaining your Darlington OPG Clearance. The package will need to be filled in prior to attending at UA Local 401 to complete the computer portion of the screening. Please call Robin or Caroline at 1-800-263-8027 for details and to make an appointment to attend their office to use the OPG computers.

  Canada is Stronger with the Energy East Pipeline

We are approaching an important time in our efforts to build the Energy East Pipeline.

Therefore, we are mobilizing as an organization to defend our work, our industry, our partners and our employees that provide an essential service to address our country's energy needs in a safe and efficient manner. That's why we've created a new website of our education and advocacy campaign for Energy East: The new site will allow us to identify, target and build advocates to help get the facts out about Energy East.

On this website you can show your support for Energy East by signing our pledge and sharing your reasons to want to see Energy East in service on time. By joining the Energy East Action Network, you and your teams can take a stand and show your support for a project that will create energy independence, a healthy economy and progress for all Canadians.

To learn more, you can visit, or email us at

Can I ask that you please circulate this to all your pipeline supporters to have them sign up in support of the project and to receive information about other ways they can get involved.


John Soini
Vice-President, Energy East
"Safety is Attitude - Attitude is Everything!"

  Bill C-377 and Merrit Canada's Access to the PMO's Office

An infamous bill on union transparency will not die because it appears to have been orchestrated by Stephen Harper's office. Please click on the link below to read a Toronto Star news article relating to Bill C-377 and Merrit Canada's access to the PMO's office lobbying for Bill C-377.

  STOP BILL C-377!

We need your help — TODAY.

The government is trying to take away the rights of unions to speak up for the working people of Canada. Bill C-377 is an attack on the democratic and constitutional rights of people.

Click here to send a message to your senator to STOP BILL C-377 and let them know that UNION RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.

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Union Rights Are Human Rights

  The Broadbent Institute is challenging the resurrection of Bill C-377 in the Senate.

This private member’s bill, which has the full backing of the Conservative government, is an attack on organized labour and should never become law.

Together, we can stop C-377.