The United Association represents world class piping professionals that deliver productivity and safety to the construction industry.

Promote World Class Skills

  • Recruit and develop the best skilled trades people in the industry
  • Develop world class leaders on all projects
  • Provide learning opportunities and facilities to develop skills for members and officers
  • Mentor and share our knowledge to further the abilities of our Members
  • Promote life-long learning to ensure cutting edge capabilities for technological advances

Professionalism & Accountability

  • Adhere to collective agreements and the Standard For Excellence
  • Be accountable for our actions and results
  • Meet our agreed to expectations
  • Take initiatives and display a positive attitude
  • Work with each other as one team
  • Promote quality of workmanship on all job sites to broaden UA Member opportunities

Safety & Productivity at Worksites

  • Provide economic benefit to the client
  • Create accident free worksites - zero tolerance for working unsafely
  • Develop worksites that can ensure everyone goes home safe and healthy
  • Develop worksites and projects that are based on building tripartite partnerships

Growth by Organizing & Recruitment

  • Promote the benefits of working with UA Members to increase market share
  • Assess and expand into new emerging markets and sectors
  • Build profitable partnerships
  • Proactively build positive relationships with industry and government
  • Develop progressive and responsive collective agreements and PLA’s