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United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada or "UA" as it is commonly known is a multi-craft union whose members are engaged in the fabrication, installation and servicing of piping systems. There are approximately 326,000 highly-skilled United Association members who belong to over 300 individual local unions across North America.

The United Association has been training qualified pipe tradesmen longer than anyone else in the industry. The UA boasts the premier training programs available in the industry today, including five-year apprenticeship programs, extensive journeyman training, organized instructor training, and certification programs.

UA Local 67's History

UA Local 67 History

The original members of Local 67 were definitely pioneers in Organized Labour. They had seen the need to organize after the emergence of the militant Hamilton Labour Movement.

In it's July 25, 1899 issue, The Monthly Bulletin published by the United Association stated: “Since the issuance of the last Bulletin, charters have been granted to Hamilton, Canada, Waterbury, Conn., and Boston, Mass.”, and Local 67 was born.

This Warrant and Charter, granted by the United Association on the 29th day of June, 1899, was made in the name of the Building and Construction and Metal Trades Division located at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was signed by Martin P. Durkin, President, and Edward J. Hillock, Secretary.

The September 1899 Financial Report stated UA Local 67 had thirty members. It did not take long before these early members of Local 67 started fighting for better wages and conditions; actions that future members were to be beneficiaries of.

When we look back at our Local's history, we cannot help but observe that many rights and benefits we all enjoy were initially fought for and won by Unions. The Labour Movement was in the forefront of the struggles for public health care, public education, holidays, and job site conditions.

The Canada, Ontario and Hamilton we know today were not built by politicians and businessmen. They were built on the toil and sweat of working people who cleared forests, built canals, railways, and cities under extreme weather conditions.

From our humble beginnings of 30 members there have been three amalgamations that have taken place with UA Local 67. Local 474, formerly employed by Crane, a pipe fabricating firm, merged in 1970; Brantford's Local 674 amalgamated in 1976; and most recently UA Local 666 merged in 2013. The former Local 666 had a history in the Niagara area since 1901 when St. Catharines, formerly Local 244, received its charter and then an amalgamation of three Locals in 1961 changed the Local number to 666. Today Local 67's membership has grown to approximately 2300 members.

For 115 years, we have been part of the building of the residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure in the Hamilton, Halton, and Niagara regions. Our jurisdiction stretches from the Oakville border, down to Fort Erie, and south of Highway 401. The members of UA Local 67 are amongst the most highly trained men and women in the piping industry.